The RVFP currently serves---families  and  individuals residing in the Rondout Valley School District who are in need of  food  due to a variety of circumstances.  Some are seniors who are on a fixed income and with rising fuel costs and taxes are faced with a choice of heating their homes or eating a nutritious meal. Others are families or individuals who due to the economic downturn and high unemployment in the area cannot make ends meet.
The RVFP purchases food, primarily from  a grant from the Northeast Regional Food Bank, which is the receiving point for government and corporate surplus food.   The Food Bank has a dedicated bi-weekly food drop in Kingston, NY as well a several smaller drops periodically in various points in Ulster Counter. There is often fresh fruit and produce available for free and the pantry volunteers in charge of purchasing are alerted weekly as to what is being offered, while being mindful of excess, expiration dates and timing for freshness of produce available.
When there is excess the volunteers often contact other area pantries, youth  commissions or community feeding organization to share the bounty and feed all in need.
RVFP hours are every Tuesday and Thursday, from 9am-11am.  Participating clients can call to set up a time for food pick up and will receive food for four days of three meals per person.